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I am a licensed clinical psychologist specializing in children and adolescents. I have been in private practice in the Conejo Valley since 1998. I work collaboratively with many therapists, pediatricians, child psychiatrists and schools in the area, where I receive many of my referrals. I work with a wide range of child/adolescent learning, emotional and behavioral issues, providing psychoeducational/neurocognitive assessment, as well as therapy services. I begin the therapy process with a brief diagnostic assessment which guides the development of a treatment plan for your child. In a child-friendly and supportive atmosphere, I offer a highly personalized cognitive-behavioral approach tailored to each child's individual needs, with the goal of therapy to help children feel happy and self-confident. Parenting and family sessions are also offered to improve parent-child and family relationships. If your child is struggling behaviorally, academically and/or emotionally, and you are in need of some guidance and support in understanding what may be causing these problems, please contact me.

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